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14.Customer Scope of Supply

  • Design and installation of the building assigned for the HDG plant with different services and, more precisely: electric, gas, compressed air and water supply (Bore well & Potable), heating and internal ventilation of the building, lighting, firefighting systems and so on.

  • All lifting and hoisting equipment and facilities necessary for assembly such as: bridge cranes, forklift trucks, self-moving cranes and so on, fuelled and in operating conditions.

  • The availability of these vehicles with a crane man, if necessary, will be essential to maintain our activities. The availability for a non-stop, concurrent and multiple use of electric facilities for working tools.

  • The availability for water use for many different needs such as dilution, washing, mixing, etc. Toilets, canteen rooms, locker rooms and all the other facilities in order to allow the staff employed in assembly operations and in technical supervisions to work in a hygienic and safe way.

  • The service of storage and guardianship of assembly tools and personal possessions of our workers and supervisors.

  • All raw materials for working process, lubrications, chemical products and whatsoever necessary to allow the running of the plant. Chemical laboratory equipment for analyses of chemical solutions and third party lab arrangement for necessary tastings.

  • All safety precautions like danger signs, safety barriers, safety protections , safety engineer on-site, and other safety facilities to ensure workmen safety

  • Submission to the competent authorities of all the necessary documents in order to obtain the construction permits for the plant. All licenses, admittances, feasibility studies and whatever necessary to obtain the requested authorizations by competent authorities.

  • Goods handling up to the destination site from Port and Domestic suppliers.

  • Discharge of goods from the trucks, stocking, storage, as well as surveillance on site with suitable means. Equipment customs clearance, customs duties, import taxes, all authority approvals and LC or other financial services.

  • All By-product storage area, and Garbage Disposal Area .

  • Calibration and setting the calibration weights for all scales, Lifting tackle required for hanging the calibration weights , Movement of the calibration weights .

  • Server Room with UPS set-up and PC installation furniture modules and Data Cabling.

  • Language translators with fluency in English shall be arranged as required during erection, commissioning and training.

  • Visa arrangement for Micro-Tech employees & our Contractors, to be done well on time to avoid delay in erection and commissioning and the charges for the same to be borne by customer .

  • And everything that it is not expressively indicated in present technical description as our supply (except for negligence in good faith).