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Items mentioned below list and whatsoever Not expressively specified or specified as supplied by the customer in the previous pages are excluded from this offer .

  • Engineering works, as well as the construction of the industrial shed destined for the hot dip galvanizing plant.

  • Dismantling works, demolition or renovation of the industrial shed.

  • Any adjustments and/or demolitions to correct defects which obstruct or hinder the free and/or exact montage of parts of our supply.

  • All civil works in reinforced concrete, patches or finish and covering of channels.

  • The preparation of surfaces to be lined, such as grinding of burrs, filling of gravel nests and clean-up.

  • All works of adjustment of roofs and ceilings and the support of exhaust chimneys.

  • Steel works for the racks and lifting devices fabrication.

  • Galvanizing of products .

  • Steel works to be embedded into foundations according to our design.

  • Scaffoldings, stagings, standard and special hoisting equipment, transport facilities and duty bridge cranes in the area destined for the assembly of the plant for a non-stop use.

  • Any works of shelter, separation or protection necessary for the building yard to allow the normal and safe construction of the department.

  • All works of demolition or disassembly of what existing in the area destined for the plant.

  • All hydraulic, Pneumatic and electric connections before using our equipment.

  • All flue connections before using our equipment, welding of pipes and the ramp of 1ststage included, which are performed by the local authority.

  • All plants to allow the aerial handling of bridge cranes including support walls, run way sand relevant accessories.

  • Electrical boards of power distribution before using our equipment.

  • Power welding unit, air compressor, tools and working equipment.

  • All montages: structural works, pipes, technological services, compressed air, exhausts, help for electric montage.

  • Complete steel works necessary for erection of Secondary Services Plants

  • Local staff required at start-up.

  • Spare parts

  • And everything not expressively mentioned in the technical description of our supply (except for negligence in good faith).