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HDG Plant Highlights & Advantages

Our HDG Plant Layout is designed based on Lean & Straight-line concept, comprehensive and smart design. It occupies lesser building space, requires less handling Equipments, enables less maintenance cost, lesser recurring costs and less spares consumption. The design promises enormous savings on building costs, maintenance, handling equipments, spares, recurring costs, etc.,
Our Plant is built on Environmental friendly, Green integrated and Advanced Recycling technologies – recycling of acid, recycling of rinse water, recycling of flux, acid fumes are collected and cleaned by scrubber and pumped back into system, Zinc fumes collection, zinc bath enclosure, etc.,
The technology conforms to all European emission standards. The plant would be the first of its kind in Middle east which guarantees "No Pollution in Air, Water & Ground". This will be social obligation that your company would be setting up a "benchmark", saving the environment from pollution.
Our HDG Plant technologies promises ZERO POLLUTION & ZERO WASTAGES by adopting Acid Re-cycling Plant, Acid Fumes Sucking Mobile Housing, Fumes Sucking Arrangement at Generating Point in tanks, Zinc White Fumes Sucking Housing and Automatic Sliding PP Covers on all Pre-treatment tanks.
HDG Plant –Pickling Tanks Agitation Technology : This is the new and unique technology available only with us. This technology enables to boost plant efficiency and produce premium quality products while the consumption all consumables like acid, flux, Zinc are significantly brought down by this technology whereby huge savings on operational costs is guaranteed (optional supply-refer our technical offer for advantages and test results)
Zinc Kettle is from PILLING, Germany and other major Equipments from Europe.
Operational cost to remain low by using recycled acid & water, enables lesser dross formation and lesser zinc consumption.
All tanks are closed with automated Poly Propylene covers and suction points are below the cover and there is always negative pressure maintained resulting in suction of acid fumes at the generating point rather than from the atmosphere or covered enclosure.
A suction of 90,000 m3/hour is provided resulting in a very clean environment in that area. This results in "NO FUME '' condition even when we open & close for material removing or placing of jigs.
In Pre-treatment process, acid recycling is adopted in which 5000 lits of waste acid is recycled, in which almost 4500 lits of acid( HCl 11-12 % ) is recovered and reused for pickling. That shows the acid consumption for pickling is very well controlled.
The rinsing tank water is also recycled resulting in saving of water. Flux is also recycled to maintain concentration and Iron content. Totally closed circuit in this case.
Heat Economizer is adopted. In dryer , the waste heat from furnace is used for heating an heat-exchanger so that there is no external heat source is required for dryer.
The zinc kettle is covered with automated enclosures and there is no zinc fumes coming out of zinc bath and sucked through 60,000 m3/ h, resulting smoke free zinc furnace and zinc fumes are completely recovered through Bag filter which has an efficiency of collection of dust less than 5 mg/m3.
Our Design enables project implementation within 1 year
Smart, user friendly, easy implementable and faster adoptable Plant management system software is deployed.
Plant Operations and Management shall be undertaken for 1 year- added advantage (optional).
Prepared to assist the management in setting Quality standards by implementing SOP, WI, procedures, etc.,