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4.Loading and Unloading Area


4.1. Lifting devices

The lifting devices include load racks, counter-bars for fast loading, with an open hook, in order to hang the items in a proper way before being hot-dipped. The racks are designed according to criteria of the product.

Max. rack capacity : 3 tons
Number of necessary racks : 15 pc.

4.2. Raise/lower powered lifting stations

Every lifting station can load up to 3 tons and has an adjustable bearing height which varies from 2.8 mtr. up to zero.
The distance between the vertical stands is about 14 mtr which is equal to the internal length of the zinc kettle.

The empty racks are put on the powered lifting station placed in the load area, and once the items are hung on it, they're ready to start the chemical treatment process, or to be sent to the automatic storage system for racks. The racks with the hot-dipped items are collected from the racks storage, then put on the lifting stations placed in the unloading area, emptied and then sent to the loading area by a transfer cart.

4.3. Automatic storage system for racks

There are 2 automatic storage systems for racks. One is waiting for the chemical treatment and the other one coming out from the furnace. They can hold up to 4 racks each.
The rack is put on the free end of storage system and then is pulled towards the other end to be collected by the crane. Every time the conveyor stops and waits until the next impulse.