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10. Warranties


10.1.Technological Warranties

We guarantee the regular and reliable functioning of parts of plant at the operating conditions already expressed in this document. We guarantee the said values, if the maintenance interventions are performed according to needs and to the operating and maintenance manual and that plants are operated by a suitable and trained staff.

All technical information included in this document, such as powers, flow rates, sizes, volumes and so on, are mentioned only in an indicative way and with a limited reliability because they come from calculations and an estimation of the budget.

If the main components of the plant are used according to indications contained in the operating and maintenance manual, their life will be as follows:

Tanks of Pre-treatment 10 Years
Dryer 6 Years
Furnace 6 Years
Kettle 6 Years
Suction System of White Fuel Gases 6 Years
Suction System of Acid Fume Gases 6 Years
Mechanical Hoister 6 Years
Plenum Chambers of Piling-up 6 Years
Fluxing And Washing Treatment 3 Years
Acid recycling plant 3 Years

10.2.Technical Warranties

The equipment and the components of the plant are guaranteed for a period of 12 months from the date of commissioning, but however within 15 months from the date of delivery.
For appliances that we bought and used for the plant (for example, electric and electronic instruments) will be considered as valid the warranty conditions of the suppliers.

We guarantee the good functioning and the good quality of used materials, their working to a fine art and their reasonable use. We undertake to repair or replace freely all those components that turn to be fault or unsuitable for the reliable functioning of the different plants, by excluding any other commitment or burden of expenses, such as consequential damages, loss of production, reimbursements and so on. The warranty doesn't cover any disassembly expenses and the next montage, but it covers shipping expenses of parts subject to repairs or replacements.

This warranty doesn't extend over parts of normal wear and consumption or that need a periodic replacement (for ex: the zinc containing kettle and thermocouples of temperature control).
The warranty becomes void in case of non-compliance with agreed payment conditions, in case of improper and unsuitable management of plants and in case of neglected or irregular maintenance, of which we will provide adequate instructions.

10.3.Supplier's option

The Supplier reserves the right to make any possible changes to this sales confirmation and this can take place during the engineering phase. This option has the only purpose to improve this project from the technical point of view or following any possible update occurred after the approval of this document.